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Updated: 07/19/2021

At this time, all Settlement Payments have been issued, the deadline to cash them has passed, and the distribution phase is complete. However, if you are an Eligible Settlement Class Member with an uncashed Settlement Payment, you may still claim your payment. To do so, you must send a written request, either via email to, or via U.S. Mail to: Wells Fargo Unauthorized Accounts Settlement, P.O. Box 2594, Faribault, MN 55021-9594.

Under a legal process for unclaimed funds called escheatment, all remaining uncashed payments are being held by the Settlement Administrator for a period of time known as the dormancy period. The length of the dormancy period depends on the recipient’s state of residence. Different states’ dormancy periods range from 1 year up to 5 years. When a state’s dormancy period is complete, the unclaimed funds will be remitted or transferred to the state as unclaimed property in a process known as escheatment.

If you wish to claim your uncashed funds during your state’s dormancy period, you must send a written request to the address or email address above. Your written request must contain: your full name, your current mailing address, your phone number and your email address.  In addition, provide all of your prior mailing address(es) since you originally submitted the settlement claim form, if any.

If your uncashed funds have not yet been remitted to your state’s unclaimed property department through escheatment, the Settlement Administrator will issue you a replacement check.

For questions regarding your open checking, savings, credit card, or line of credit accounts, please contact Wells Fargo at 1-844-931-2273 (1-844-WF1-CARE) between 8:00 AM ET and 10:00 PM ET Monday through Saturday, and Sunday from 9:00 AM ET and 6:00 PM ET, or visit your local branch.